Openmake Software User Interface Design

The layouts for these screens were prototyped using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

DevOps login dialog
DevOps Component History Screen
DevOps Component History Screen with Dialog

The Icon Design Manager by FryDesign.

FryDesign is now offering the Icon Design Manager. This browser based application has been created to help designers and clients more effectively collaborate on works in progress and, if preferred, house the library.

If your company wants to organize and manage its icon library, the Icon Design Manager can provide with the solution that you are looking for. Call us at (360) 620-7158 for more information.

The Icon Design Manager is composed of a front-end web view and an administrative back-end.

On the front-end, users can view all the icons that have been uploaded into the Icon Design Manager. Authorized users can make collections of icons for download, set icons as “Pre-Approved or Pending” and “Approve” an icon iteration. Collecting icons for a download, pre-approving and approving are made via drag and drop mouse actions. Users can also add comments about the icons and those who have requested to be recipients for those comments may receive them via email.

Not logged in to the Icon Design Manager
Logged in to the Icon Design Manager

In the back-end administrative area, authorized users are presented with a comprehensive spreadsheet-like view of the all the icon sets. An icon set contains the original icon, if provided, plus icon design iterations. The icons sets may be sorted by category, title, approval state, and published or unpublished state.

Administrative View - Iconsets

An individual icon set can be viewed or edited by clicking on its title within the back-end. Notes can be added or modified and tags added or manipulated. Additionally, icon design iterations can be pre-approve, approved and or unapproved.

Large numbers of icons can be imported — an advantage when setting up the Icon Design Manager for the first time or for other large projects.

Administrative View - Single iconset

Website Design by FryDesign

FryDesign has been creating and re-designing websites for our clients beginning in 1995 — when we first appeared on the web. That means 14 years of experience delivering clear, elegant and effective web design.

Good web design is a lot like software visual interface design: you need to create a comfortable and engaging environment for the user that is clear, apparent and easily navigable. The look and feel of the web site, the visual metaphors that are used, as well as the experience of the site must reflect the attributes of your brand in order to be successful.

Our approach to web site design focuses on creating visual metaphors for brand attributes that communicate the essence of the brand in an interesting and engaging way. Those attributes might be expressed in backgrounds and textures, in the ways that information is framed or viewed, and the way the color palette is used to contain and separate information.

We use a “tactile design” approach to add depth and dimension to 2-D objects within the web site environment – creating textures, backgrounds and objects that look as if you could reach out and touch them.

To make your site easy for anyone in your organization to update, we can build sites using widely available, open-source content management systems (CMS), that are supported by many third party contributors. So you have lots of options for easy updating, increased functionality and interactivity. You’re also not locked into any one proprietary / custom software or vendor for your web site CMS.

RBA Design

“The web site has simplified our marketing efforts by reducing the number of paper based proposals. It's strong visual appeal and ease of use makes our work shine, resulting in inquiries and further marketing opportunities."
Rodney Bauch, RBA Design

The use of architectural renderings in the backgrounds immediately communicates in a subtle way that RBA design is an architectural firm. The neutral background tones help to focus attention on RBA's beautiful creations. The navigation is clear and simple, and the subtle use of banner colors makes it easy to differentiate main sections.

Photographic image scrolling across the home page showcase a variety of architectural projects, while adding dimension and interactivity. The clean lines and slightly raised bevels give a sense of depth and help to add further definition to graphic elements within the different environments.

Click here to open RBA Design's new web site in a new window.

RBAdesign website home page
RBAdesign website home page

RBA Furniture Solutions

This company is a “sister” company to RBA Design, and was developed using the RBA Design branding guidelines. The site showcases pre-owned and new furniture, as well as office amenities that clients who are re-designing their interiors can purchase to better utilize their spaces.

Rather than showcasing larger scale architectural projects, this site organizes products in an upscale catalogue style, allowing the user to access information by major product categories.

Following the graphical style established in RBA Design, neutral tones are utilized to focus on the product.

Click here to open RBA Furniture Solutions' web site in a new window.

RBAdesign website home page
RBAdesign website interior page

Conscious Workplace

This design leverages a soft color palette inspired by the organization’s logo, which reflects the brand attributes of consciously supporting and nurturing employees in 12 key areas, in order to increase performance. Extensive use of people photography helps relate the user to the human aspects of the content and the goals of the organization. Through the use of color and graphical objects, we can separate content and focus attention on different areas, to make the complex information more easily navigable.

The site will be developed within an open source CMS to allow for the large volume of content that is envisioned for the future of the site.

Conscious Workplace website home page design
Conscious Workplace website interior page design

Founded in 1994 by Andrew Fry, FryDesign is an insightful visual design firm that specializes in translating complex and abstract concepts into cogent, incisive and aesthetic design. We design visual interface and icons for software companies, and web sites for small to mid-size companies across the United States.

Andrew is also an award-winning multi-media designer with over 30 years of experience in media, software and on-line communications. From initial concepting, design and launch, Andrew’s talents span a wide variety of applications, including: major meetings and events, high-level executive presentations, demonstration and training, website design and redesign.

Throughout the 80’s, Andrew worked as an art director and graphics designer for highly respected multi-media companies, such as Jack Morton Productions, InterComm and Corporate Media Communications. He designed multi-media and major event presentations for a variety of Fortune 500 companies, including Arby's, IBM, Kimberly-Clark, The Coca-Cola Company, The Landmarks Group, Weyerhauser, BellSouth and First Union National Bank.

Andrew worked with Dupont Design Technologies on application development for Vaster, an early computer graphics system. He was then hired by Dupont to create user interface design and icon design for the pre-press system named PrepMaster.

During the early 90’s, Andrew was hired by the Aldus Corporation — creating user interface design, icon design and splash screen illustration for well-known applications such as PageMaker, Persuasion and FreeHand.

Icon Design by FryDesign

FryDesign offers you memorable design and peace of mind, with over 25 years of experience in creating icons for software visual interfaces, web sites and marketing applications.

While icons are often small designs by size, they require "big" attention. At FryDesign, we believe that successful icon design comes from close collaboration with the client – exploring concepts and ideas, then responding and refining based on thoughtful feedback – until the right icons are delivered.

We can provide you with secure online access so that your icon designs are only a few clicks away — regardless of your location.

Icon Design for PTC

PTC and FryDesign have built a long and productive relationship and because of this we continue and endeavor to create better product.

FryDesign was recently awarded a contract to re-design the entire icon library for PTC’s Creo Product. At the successful completion of the project, we delivered over 7,800 icons for Creo.

Plus we successfully re-designed and re-branded the entire icon suite for PTC Winchill and delivered 1,100+ icons. And FryDesign continues to develop icons as required.

The Icon Design Manager, designed and created by FryDesign, was implemented to administer the icons and iterations as created and is currently in use to manage icon production for Windchill and other products.

Shown below is an very small sample of icon design and miscellaneous illustration.

Icon design sample for PTC

Icon Design for Tripwire

Working collaboratively with both the engineering and marketing departments, FryDesign created a suite of icons for Tripwire Enterprise visual interface design, as well as the marketing materials.

These visually impactful, high-contrast icons strongly reflect the unique branded look of the software and the company. The larger icon iterations were created as application icons for one of Tripwire's product. The remaining icons show a sampling of command icons in the product’s visual interface.

Because of the complex nature of this network security application, clarity and memorability—especially for the custom function-specific icons were crucial. This represents a small sampling of the icon suite.

Icon design sample for Tripwire

Icon Design for Openmake Software

Created for OpenMake Mojo and OpenMake Meister, these successful icons represent samplings from various visual interfaces, software applications and web pages. OpenMake Meister a tool for dynamically defining and executing software builds and OpenMake Mojo is a tool for automating, centralizing and accelerating software development processes from build to release.

FryDesign collaborated with engineering to create these icons, which were designed to augment titling for the workflow and features section of OpenMake’s web site. Working with an established look and feel, these custom icons match the brand color palette. To enhance memorability, existing metaphors were used wherever possible. The emulation of three-dimensional objects added character and visual appeal.

Click here to view recent visual user interface designed for Openmake.

Icon design sample for Openmake Software

Icon Design for Serena Software

FryDesign has created over 1,000 unique and colorful icons for Serena Software applications, both common metaphor and function-specific. For Dimensions, Mover and Collage, we provided visual interface design and icon design. We provided icon design for Mover, Version Manager and RTM.

The top row features desktop icons to launch the applications. The smaller icons are object icons from several different products. FryDesign has been providing visual interface design, icon design, illustration and other visual design services to Serena Software (formerly Merant) since 1999.

Icon design sample for Serena Software

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