Founded in 1994 by Andrew Fry, FryDesign is an insightful visual design firm that specializes in translating complex and abstract concepts into cogent, incisive and aesthetic design. We design visual interface and icons for software companies, and web sites for small to mid-size companies across the United States.

Andrew is also an award-winning multi-media designer with over 30 years of experience in media, software and on-line communications. From initial concepting, design and launch, Andrew’s talents span a wide variety of applications, including: major meetings and events, high-level executive presentations, demonstration and training, website design and redesign.

Throughout the 80’s, Andrew worked as an art director and graphics designer for highly respected multi-media companies, such as Jack Morton Productions, InterComm and Corporate Media Communications. He designed multi-media and major event presentations for a variety of Fortune 500 companies, including Arby's, IBM, Kimberly-Clark, The Coca-Cola Company, The Landmarks Group, Weyerhauser, BellSouth and First Union National Bank.

Andrew worked with Dupont Design Technologies on application development for Vaster, an early computer graphics system. He was then hired by Dupont to create user interface design and icon design for the pre-press system named PrepMaster.

During the early 90’s, Andrew was hired by the Aldus Corporation — creating user interface design, icon design and splash screen illustration for well-known applications such as PageMaker, Persuasion and FreeHand.

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