Living in the Pacific Northwest is a fortunate thing. And like many areas in the world, it is truly a beautiful place and full of surprises everywhere you look.

Although I am retiring I still maintain my client base for icon design. It is a problem-solving craft that I enjoy.

Regarding my photograpy, well — I mostly look down. But not on this day however. Page, my partner, and I where on a foggy beach in Port Townsend the morning we saw this phenomon.

I learned early in my art studies that I frame scenes in a particular way and all have similar lines of force. Perhaps that is my tell. My instructor, Robert Stewart, said, “frame the shot, don’t think - just shoot.” Good teaching.

Today I look down for pattens, textures and shapes that intrigue me and I shoot.

Many years ago before my photography final, I laid out all my photographs and observed them from above. Low and behold, they all exibited the same lines of force — the way I SEE. That was unforgettable. I really learned something that day and it was because I had listened. Funny how I never forgot his name. Thank you Robert.

My art photography is not traditional and I make no qualms about it. I seek an exaggeration of the patterns and textures I see. It is, after all, about patterns, texture and shape — my art.

The drawings that I am creating are a physical experience of rubbing clay into paper then - after it dries, scrapping, adding pastels, cutting into the clay with pencil and more.

Like the lines of force found in my photography, that same structure is applied within the drawings.

Please feel free to contact me.